There are not too many people that have driven around the world. Most choose to fly, or bus, or train. However, people have driven through all the areas I am travelling to (even through Russia), no one has just done it all as one trip that I have been able to find. The truck is the ideal way to travel. I can sleep in the back most nights, and stay in a hotel about once a week. This will cut down on costs considerably. While its true you could do that with an RV, an RV doesnt get 30mpg like my 4runner does. People might also question the idea of using a 14 year old truck with 200,000 miles on it. Theres a couple reasons for that. First off, the systems on an older truck are much easier to service than those on a newer one. Also, in areas like South America, older Toyotas are plentiful. Spare parts for the 22RE motor which is in my truck will be much easier to come by. Besides, this truck is just getting broken in. An older truck is also less likely to attract attention. If you're in a brand new Land-Rover in an area where everyone is poor, you will be an easy target for theives and beggars. Being a smaller 4x4, it is much more versitile and better suited to light-duty off-roading if it was ever necessary. Lastly, don't ever underestimate the bond between a man and his ol' reliable truck.

The one difficulty it poses is bringing the vehicle along. Its easy to get a flight from A to B, but to try to bring a vehicle with makes things MUCH harder. Freighter travel is a good way to get to where you're going even if you arent lugging a vehicle around, but if you are bringing a vehicle, its about the ONLY way to go. Getting on the same ship as your vehicle isnt always easy from what I've heard, but I have no problem shipping the car, then buying a plane ticket and meeting the car at the destination. Travelling by ship has its hazards as well. While it might seem that one could go by freighter through the Red Sea and on to Africa, there are a lot of Pirates in those waters. Yes, Pirates did not go away when wooden ships became a thing of the past. They dont have eyepatches and parrots like they used to, they just got more modern like the rest of the criminal world.

Most people are shocked that I am travelling alone, when in fact I'm not. I'm simply travelling with friends I haven't met yet. Anyone who has travelled alone will tell you that you meet far more people when you're outside of the safety of a group or partner. In all the travelling which I've done by myself, I never seem to be going it alone. You always seem to meet someone who is going your way, at least for a short while, or if you bond with the person/group enough, one of you changes their route, and you stay together. I don't know how this will be affected by driving (rather than rail/bus), but I dont think it will be much. I have met plenty of people driving while I was travelling.