Nici the Travelmouse

Nici is a going away gift that was sent to me before I started my trip. He is almost always with me. If I have a car, he sits on the dashboard, otherwise he is in my day pack.


Mouses shot at fame...

Ansel Adamouse

"Hiking" in the Grand Canyon

Snowboarding in Aspen

Joining a biker gang, New Mexico

Beach Bumouse, California


Hiking in Mexico

Hiking in Tikal, Guatemala

Sleeping in Guatemala

Keeping in contact

Working the fields, Guatemala

Diving in Honduras

Meeting friends in Costa Rica (or being adopted!!)

At the market in Ecuador

Climbing Mountains in Ecuador (Corozon, Iliniza, Cotopaxi)

On a hand-built road of stones, Ecuador

Finding a girlfriend in Peru

Hanging out on Amantani Island, Peru

Browsing his favorite website

Riding the worlds most dangerous road by bike, Bolivia

Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

Amazon Jungle, South America

Running of the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain (yes, he ran)

Birthplace, Italy

Austrian Alps


Lovefield Festival, Germany

Copenhagen, Denmark

Ibiza, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Oktoberfest, Germany

Meeting the cousins, Innsbruck, Austria

The real Loch Ness Monster, Loch Ness, Scotland

Watching football with Brett

Christmas in London

In full dress at the 792nd annual Ati-Atihan festival

* (Not photoshopped, although it may appear so - he's actually wearing that thing)

All tied up aboard S/Y Salamandra

Going to school, Isabel, Philippines

Starfish Island, Philippines

Batad Rice Terraces, with rice wine, Philippines

This mouse turns up everywhere

Singapore skyline

Cat-n-Mouse, Singapore

Rainforest, Sumatera, Indonesia

Paragliding in Indonesia

Skydiving in Indonesia

* During "action sports" Nici is strapped to a carabeener for saftey.