Home for the Holidays

My time at home and in California were just perfect. I had a few days visiting with Drea who I met near the start of this adventure. She is one of the most fantastic friends I could have ever hoped to find on my trip. She has now decided to go traveling herself, and leaves in Feburary to head in to Central America. After California, I headed back to DC to catch up with friends and family. A couple of my friends were nice enough to co-ordinate a party for me to get to see everyone at once. I wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone that came out - it was so great to see you all, and thanks to Hank and Brian who put the thing together. Also, thanks to everyone who put me up with places to stay... Perrelli brothers, Al, Adam, Hannah, Seth and Robynne. Finally, a huge thanks to my family for their continued help, support and love through this trip. My time with them was just wonderful. Of all the magical places I've visited, home is by far the best place on earth. :) (Oh, and a shout-out to Denise, who could possibly be travelheads biggest fan, and didn't think she'd get mentioned. ;-)

After home I whisked back to London to celebrate Christmas and New Years. Much thanks to Sheila and her family for inviting me to share Christmas with them. A few of my friends came out from DC to ring in the new year in London, and it was great to celebrate it with the old gang... Ramsey, Cynthia, Murphy, Christina, Craig, Bunta, Jane, Jane and Sheila. And thanks to Jane for giving me the insiders tours of Campton and Leighton Buzzard, and turning out to be one of the more incredible people I've met.

Pics soon.

Leighton Buzzard


Woburn Park