Mardi Gras 1997 & 1998

New Website, old trip. Thus, I cant write too much on these trips. I had gone to Mardi Gras a couple of times, once in 1997 and once again in 1998. I think the best thing that had come of Mardi Gras, is I invented a term for a state of mind that I get in called 'MardiGras Mode'. Its where you just dont want to sleep. Well, I guess, more to the point that you're having too much fun, that sleep just isnt as important. Both times that I went, I averaged about 6 hours of sleep over a total of 3 days. I just cant get in to a bed, and sleep knowing that one of the biggest parties of the world is going on just a few blocks away. I try, and I get out of bed, and go look for mischeif. See to me theres partying and theres mischief. The latter is what I prefer. You'll find hoards of drunken folk out between evenning and 2 or 3 am. But its the 4am-to-sunrise crowd thats going to give you the truly weird times. Its within these times that I've met the people that I enjoyed meeting the most. I met an angel in full costume (or maybe she was real) who walked out of a back alley way at 5am or so, and asked if she could put a spell on me. I said sure. She did, then turned on her heels and walked away down a quiet street. It was so bizarre and I wanted to run after her and ask her name, etc. But I didnt. It made it all the more surreal just the way it happened. There were countless others. I'd find all sorts of weird groups of people, and all of them were just too happy to let me join their group for an hour or so. Then I'd wander off to find someone else.

From 1997

This photo below was taken by a camera that was always on-line (quite a novelty back in '98). It was called the Burbo-Cam It shot off photos every 5 minutes and posted them on the web. My freind, Dave Stinson, and I stood by the camera for about 10 minutes and then called the office to have someone see the photo and save it. (Thats me with the white head)