Ocean Park

The next day, the weather was pretty hot, as it had pretty much been the days before as well. One top of that, I had a pretty good sunburn from the trail and a weird rash on my ankles. I must have walked through something.

My dad had to go to work as it was Monday, so I decided to head out and see a few other things. Someone had told me about Ocean Park, so I thought it would be neat to check out. Its like a zoo/theme/amusement park. There were some pretty neat things about it.

As neat as this all was, there is just something un-fun about going to any type of fun-park by yourself.

That night we went to a place called the Mongolian barbecue. There are resturants like this all over the world, even in the US. All the same, this was my first time, and it was a neat experience. They bring you a small metal tag with a number on it, you go up to a salad-bar type area and fill a bowl with everything you’d like in your meal (meat, noodles, toppings, vegetables, etc), and then had that bowl along with the number to the cook who will stir fry it for you. Neat concept and great food. Afterwards, we tried going to a couple of bars again, but couldn’t get in because I had sandals on.

The Roach Motel