Headed home

The next day I caught my 8am flight out, and made it back without much problems at all. On the plane, I had a lot time to reflect on the trip. HongKong was different than any other place that Iíd ever been. Although there were quite a few attractions and things to see, I think the main attraction was just being there. Just walking though the streets was the neatest part. I think I just realized that in my last couple of days there. In fact, it was one of those places, where after being there about a week, I had felt like Iíd seen all that I wanted to, and I was ready to leave. Then, as Iím actually getting ready to leave a few days later, I get to liking it so much, I didnít want to go. Itís a city that really grows on you. Once you kind of get in to it and get the feel for it, its definitly gets you hooked. I will go back someday.

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