Well, here we go again.

Another jaunt in the journey of the travelhead, which I have finally registered as a domain name (travelhead.com). Kinda like a deadhead, or a Phishhead, I think a travelhead is a very fitting name.

This time it was off to Hong Kong with my Dad. For a week and a half or so. This is a little different than the Euro trip, which I sort of did willingly on a tight budget, even though it wasn’t necessary. There was something much more fun about going to Europe on a tight budget and staying in hostels.

No, this time was much different. I headed over with my dad as he was going over on a business trip. That meant flying to Chicago on first class and then flying to HongKong on business class, which is nicer than domestic first class. This time I even brought a laptop, thanks to the incredible generosity of one of my co-workers, Chris Pressler. This helped out as it kept me in touch with the office and what ever is going on, and also allowed me to write in my journal without scribbling everything and having to type it in later. Last time, I was lucky and I had that luxury of being able to do that. I did the EuroWander during a transition between 2 jobs and I had a couple of weeks to type stuff in when I got back. This time, I have less time on my hands, so having most of the information typed and ready to upload was pretty helpful