Ok, here it goes. In an attempt to document my travels through out the month of December, I have decided to put up this web page. Basically, I have ended up telling the same stories repeatedly to same unfortunate individuals, forgetting who I had told what story to. This way, I send everyone the URL, and we are all happy, and I have a nice photo album/ journal of sorts for myself. If you do read the whole thing, you will learn more about me than you might think is possible. This in itself can be a little scarry, I know. Sure, there's a lot of crazy stories, but theres a lot of things that I learned, and a lot of things that made me realize things about myself. As this is more my journal than anything else, these are all written down. As I really had no set route or plan, I decided to call this little jaunt the Euro Wander, as that's about what it was.

This is actually coming a little late, as upon my return, I was "dazed and confused" for about a week. This was a result of not sleeping for the last 3 days of my trip (a story which we will go in to in due time), a 6 hour time change, and going from a non-stop travel environment to an office environment. It left my head spinning to say the least. But a week after my return, I am able to write.

To start, I'll fill in those who donít know why I went on this trip. To make it a simple story, I've been at my company (working in sales) for about 2 and a half years. I've taken very few vacations, and had much time saved up, which I stood to lose if I didnít take it by the end of the year. Being in sales, it's sometimes difficult to take time off with having quotas to meet each month. Luckily, I was offered a new position in my company starting in January, so I was able to take December off and use up my vacation time.

In November I found out that I had the new position, and I booked a ticket into London on the 7th of December and out of Rome on the 2nd of January. Then I assumed that I would find some sort of path to wind my way down Europe on the days in between, although I had no predetermined route. I was just going to wing it. As it turned out, I became extremely ill on the 5th, and ended up delaying my trip until the 10th of January. Seriously, I couldnít walk, much less try to travel.

On the 10th of January, I set out. One backpack full of about 5 outfits, a "Lets Go Europe" guide, a book called "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coehelo, a couple of disposable cameras, and a money belt with some ATM cards and a passport. I was set. I headed to....


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