Back in 1999 I had a dream to travel the world with a laptop and update a website along the way. Back then if you wanted to make a webpage about your travels, you had to build it yourself, so I did. Today of course there's Facebook, blogs, myspace, and even 'travelblog' pages with fancy graphics, interactive maps and more. Sure, I could upload all my journals to one of those sites and it would look a lot fancier, but I guess I like to keep this website as my little way of saying, "I did it back when....". Back when it was hard to find a computer at a hostel that was connected to the internet to check email (but if you found one, no-one was on it). Back when you took photographs and scanned them in later. Back before every backpacker had a cell phone or GPS. I love what technology has done for traveling, but I also feel fortunate that I got to have some great 'disconnected' adventures in the pre-internet days (and in the dawn of the internet days too).

Below are journals from some of my smaller trips, and the journal from my world trip. The world trip journal alone is over 600 pages printed out (a random visitor printed it out and shared that fact with me). Updating that journal with stories and photos was my job for 2 years of my life.

For any link with an 'fp' at the end of it, it means that I was too lazy to write a journal, so that link takes you to Fanette's photos at Picasa.

Please do enjoy.

1984 11 day Bus tour of the Outback of Australia
1985 2 weeks driving New Zealand
1986 Road trip across the USA (CA to MI)
1995 Summer working a fishing boat - Seattle / Alaska
97 & 98 New Orleans / Mardi Gras
1998 EuroWander - a month in UK, Netherlands, Belguim, France, Spain, Italy
1999 Hong Kong
1999 Las Vegas
2000 Millenium new years in Jamaica
2000 New Orleans - Mardi Gras
2000 London and some town near Stonehenge for a wedding
2000 Lima / Cuzco, peru
2001 Burningman, Black Rock Desert, Nevada
2002 New Years in Lima/Mancora, Peru
2002 San Francisco
2002 Motorcycle trip around West Virginia
2002-2004 2 year World Trip - 33 countries
2005 Tokyo, Japan pic
2006 Vietnam fp
2006 France and Spain fp1 fp2 fp3
2007 Bali and Gilis, Indonesia fp
2008 India - One month through Rajasthan by train fp
2009 Northern Thailand by motorcycle
2010 Egypt fp
2010 Morocco fp
2010 France and USA fp
2010 A month living in Bangkok studying Thai
2011 Southern Thailand by Motorcycle
2011 6 week honeymoon in Nepal
2011 Paris and Besançon
2012 One year traveling France and working on Organic farms
2013 Southbound Wander - Drive from DC to Savannah and back.
2014 Paris and Besançon
2014 Northbound Wander - Drive from DC to New Hampshire and back.
2015 Paris and Besançon
2016 Paris and Besançon
2016 Milan, Italy
2017 Paris and Besançon
2018 Key West
2018 Paris and Besançon
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Contenent tally: 6

US State tally: 32

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