Lawn Court
"The Bachelor Pad"
Fairfax, Virginia, 1996-2002
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This is the house I lived in for 6 years while I was in Virginia (just outside of Washington DC). Set in a great neighborhood with beautiful tree-lined streets and large lots. My house was on an older lot, so it was heavily treed. The fact that there are no neighbors directly behind the house added to the feel of being in the woods.

This was the pool table room. It was the room you saw first when you walked in the house. TV on the wall, a Coke machine normally stocked with beer (but of course empty in the photo), and a pool table.

There was a good sized deck in the back, which was great for throwing BBQs on Sunday or just chilling out on during pool parties. My brother put up rope lighting which illuminated the deck perfectly. I ran speaker wire underground so we could play music on speakers by the pool.

The kitchen was a retro 70's green/yellow combo when we moved in, but didn't match the rest of the house so we re-did it one weekend by staying up for 48 hours and working on it. Turned out ok, all things considered. The empty liquor bottles were a permanent fixture all the years I lived there.

The downstairs family room had a brick fireplace that extended the length of the room. There were speaker wires that ran from here to the pool table room. In fact, the whole house was wired for sound and computer connections. I think I ran the wires more for the love of running them than for their usefulness.

Photos of 3 of the 6 bedrooms, but I never took photos of the master bedroom.

Storage and workshop in the basement.

There were 3 full bathrooms in the house. The master bedroom had its own full bath. The other 2 are shown below. The green one we remodeled and the beige one I re-constructed over the course of 2 years!! Yes, 2 years. That damn bathroom was such a thorn in my side. Everytime I'd get together with friends, they'd ask if the bathroom was done yet, and the answer was always no. I only wanted to replace the paneling with drywall. Well, when I took off the paneling, I noticed the framing had become water-damaged. So, I decided to re-frame the whole thing. Well, if I was going to do that, I might as well move the door one foot to the left so I could fit in a bigger sink. And if I was going to do that, then might as well put in a bigger shower. Well, I couldn't find a pre-fab shower to fit that space, so I had to build a custom one from scratch. That was the kicker. Man, what a bitch! Pouring concrete, putting up crete-board, running plumbing (yes, I had to re-plumb the entire room when I re-framed it), then cutting and affixing tiles. Ugh. I learned a hell of a lot doing this, but most importantly, I learned never to try to re-do your own bathroom.

And of course, there were always a lot of cars in the driveway. This picture was taken in March 1999 (when I was 27) and yes, all 3 of them were mine. :)