The Lake House
Khao Lak, Thailand, 2010
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Mid-way through the season, we happened to find out about this house for rent with its own lake. Fanette and I immediately fell in love with it. We really had no intentions of moving at the time, but we knew if we didn't take it then, it wouldn't be available for next season. Besides, our cats were really unhappy at the Khao Lak Palace, simply because there was not much room to run, and too many others cats in the neighborhood, two of which our roommates adopted, making our cats even unhappier. Well, when your dream house comes along and for only about $270 per month, might as well take it. Yes, it has its own lake. Its two-stories and its built by a french guy who's lived here for 20 years, so it has a different style. It's set on a big unmolested plot of land, so it has the feel of the rainforest that Khao Lak is right next to. There are no other houses on the lake, so we have it all to ourselves. We converted one of the livingrooms in to a giant bedroom and made one of the small bedrooms in to a giant closet. Which means that we now have an ensuite as well. :) It has a huge open-plan kitchen which we like as well. But our favorite room is the stairwell, which is very open and made almost entirely of screens and can be seen from any part of the house.

Both of the bathrooms were identical with these little ceramic sinks which were just too small, so we replaced the master bathroom one with a glass-bowl style sink. We used what we could find at the local store, along with some bamboo we cut from the garden and the whole thing cost less than $30.