The Hillside House
Koh Tao, Thailand, 2007-2009
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I lived in the beach house for a while alone, and then Fanette moved in when she came back to Thailand. After a couple months we decided to look for somewhere bigger seeing as we could split the rent. The house we ended up finding was one of my favorites ever. It sat on the side of a big hill near the ocean. We had a 180 degree view where we could see for miles in every direction. Furthermore, it had everything. It had a livingroom AND a bedroom (most houses on Koh Tao just had one big room), a full kitchen, a big bathroom with hot water, and a balcony that ran the length of the house. It also had AC. It came with a TV and we already had one, which meant that that we had one in each room - how posh. We could walk to the water in about 3 minutes and swim or snorkel. The walk to the parking lot was an agonizing 2 minutes but it meant that we never heard any traffic noise.