The 30-Minute House
Khao Lak, Thailand, 2008-2009
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When we moved from Koh Tao to Khao Lak it ended up being about a 18-hour moving ordeal with all our belongings and our two cats (very upset at this point) in the truck. We decided before getting to Khao Lak that we'd just get a basic place to live as there are not too many fancy houses in Khao Lak. We looked at two houses and decided on this one. Just like that - with 30 minutes of arriving in town, we decided where we were going to live for the next 6 months. It was what I call "house". In Thailand if you ask a builder to build you a house, he wouldnt ask about style or size, he would just build you one of these. Same as when you go to get your haircut in Thailand, you dont get to specify a style or length, you just get "haircut". This house was about $200/mo. It had a livingroom that we put an air mattress in with some pillows, then a bedroom where we put the TV so we ended up spending 99% of our time in the bedroom, and then a HUGE kitchen with not much in it, and a bathroom with a hot shower (hot showers are an option you need to pay for in this part of the world). We worked so much that season, it didn't really matter where we lived.