1984 Isuzu Trooper II

These arent actually pictures of the Trooper that I owned (although they're almost identical), I stole them off the AutoTrader on-line. Thats ok, really, the Trooper was one of the more unattractive vechiles I ever owned, which is likley why I had never taken any pictures of it. Pictures really dont matter when it comes to the Trooper. It wasnt the looks that made it memorable, it was the fact that it was legendary.

The Trooper was knicknamed "The Brick". It was sort of brownish-red-maroon colored, with small chunks missing, much like any brick you might find lying around. Other similarities with masonry objects included its 'boxy' shape, high degree of wind resistance, and complete lack of acceleration. All the same, this car rocked. I got it for about a couple grand (which at that point was a huge step. I'd bought 11 other cars up to this point, and never paid more than $900. I was breaking in to 4-digit priced cars with style!!) It had rubber floors, and some really cheap seat covers. You could play in the mud, and not worry about getting in to it. Anything that got in the car, could be hosed out.

Admittedly, much of the reason for buying this car was to have a 'city-vehicle'. At the time, my roommate and I were going to parites in downtown Washington DC in some sketchy areas. We needed a car that we didnt think people would try to break in to. The Brick fit the bill. In fact, we never locked it, fearing that a broken window would probably total the thing. This is sort of where the legendary parts came in. Because it was the Brick, I was never afraid to let anyone else drive it, so no matter who was designated driver, we'd still take the Brick. Many a crazy night were spent driving to and fro a good party in that thing. We didnt have to pull over if someone was feeling ill, the Brick was washable. If you've got 8 people going, no problem. Someone spills something in there, no problem. Meet some people you wanted to give a ride home to, no problem. Everything about this vehicle made it the perfect partymobile, and we abused it as such.

I had the Brick for about a year and trashed the heck out of it. For a cheap truck it really took a good beating. Other than snapping a belt on a 4 hour trip, I never really had any problems with it. We would run it over what ever we could find that looked like it might be fun to run over. (Well, within reason, after all, its only got car tires on there).

Yep, a good truck.

4 Cyl
4 Speed manual
Tinted windows
123,000 miles