1980 Sterling

In a nutshell: I bought this car in June of 2000. 5 days after buying it, rain water got in to the engine and killed the carbs. I tinkered with it until March, when I decided to put in a Mazda rotary engine, and bought one from a guy who then went out of business and took my money and left me engineless. I spent a summer trying to track down my motor or my cash, all to no avail. In February of 2002, I sold my Lotus, thus freeing up the capital I needed to begin Sterling work again. I have decided to rebuild the VW motor and get it back on the road by mid-April.

The work will be broken down in to segments and linked, but a general update can be found on this page.

So here is my plan of attack (Updated Feb 23rd).

  • Phase 1 - Get the car running (mid March completion)
    • Fan shroud (Ram Air) - New $50
    • Alternator (55amp - internal regulator) - $85
    • Carb kit ($30)
    • Set of rings - $10
    • New valves for one side - $12
    • Exhaust (not needed, but would be good) - New $50.
  • Phase 2 - Get the car inspected (mid April completion)
    • New reverse light switch.
    • Troubleshoot blinkers.
    • New shocks
    • Check brakes, replace if needed
    • May need new tires (dry-rot from sitting), if so, time for new rims.
  • Phase 3 - Get the car painted (by mid May)
    • Install new taillights
    • Slightly re-work front grille with fiberglass
    • Install new mirrors
    • Install new MR2 trunklid.
    • Install sunroof
    • Install alarm so that door switch can be removed.
    • Paint at discount paint center.
  • Phase 4 - Interior (no finish date)
    • Upholstery
    • Seats
    • Stereo/MP3
    • Carbon fiber dash
    • New carpeting
  • Phase 5 - Upgrade motor (no planned start or finish date)
    • Sometime after I am happy with the interior, I will try installing a 4bbl carb on here, or if finances permit, I would like to try installing a watercooled motor, either a V8 or Mazda Rotary Turbo.

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