On or about August 1999, the vehicles that I owned had a total of 20 wheels, 30 cylinders, 96 valves, 9 doors, seating for 29, a total of 462,000 miles and would add up to 89 feet if lined up end to end.  

I bought my first car for $775 when I was 17 years old with money from a job at McDonalds.

My first 11 cars cost under $1000.

I paid more for the Lotus than the 15 cars I owned previously, combined.

At age 19 I bought the Mustang, and still had the Omni as a back up car. Since that time, I have never had less than 2 cars. The idea of owning one car is as foreign to me as the idea of owning just one fork would be to most people. I mean, you can get by with just one fork, but it makes sense to have several, right? You need a fast car, you need a project car, you need a winter car, you need a long-distance-trip car, and also a city car is good if you go downtown to the not-so-good areas where most of the clubs are. Sometimes a bus helps too.

My first car had a TV and an Atari, which I installed shortly after I put in the 15 inch woofers in the back seat. 1980 200SX.

I traded a good running car for a tounge piercing. 1987 Nissan Pulsar.

Iíll openly admit that I have problems. Iíll buy a car because itís a good deal, regardless of whether or not I need it. Iíll buy a car on the weekend for something to do. The other day, I saw a Porsche 928 on line, and it looked like a great deal. I decided to run down to NC to buy it mostly because I had no plans for the weekend and it sounded fun. If the seller would have been willing to accept a personal check, I would have done it. Scarry.