S4 Gallery

I truly believe that the S4 and S4s were the pinnacle of the Lotus Esprit line. From its inception in the early 70's, the Esprit has always been designed as a 4 cylinder car. It evolved over the years, and even though it had a lot of growing pains, the Esprit still maintained a uniqueness in that it was an exotic supercar that was able to keep up wiht the best of them while only using a 4 cylinder engine. The final evoltion in this car came in 1994 and 1995 with the S4 and S4s models before it was replaced by the V8 Esprit in 1997. The S4 and S4s really had a lot of the troublesome areas of the car worked out, and were refined and advanced enough to make good daily drivers. The photos below are of other S4 models that I have found on various places on the internet. If you know of other S4 pictures, please let me know.

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