This page is dedicated to the role that the Lotus Esprit has played in movies. The most notable will always be the role that it played as James Bonds car back in the early 007 movies. There are many places on the web where you can find information on those movies, so I am going to try to highlight some of the more recent examples, which showcase the car as the exotic car that catches the bad guy, or gets the girl.

Pretty woman

This is the movie which pretty much put the Stevens bodied Esprit on the map. When people talk about the Late-model Esprit, a quick reference to "like the one in Pretty Woman", will command the proper Ooohs and Aaahs. It's a pretty good flick. You're almost going to be assured that the girls are going to like it more than the guys, but always a great movie.

Taking Care of Business

I didn't even know this movie existed, much less had an Esprit in it until I saw it on Pete Bartusek's website. When I rented it to take still video shots, it was the first time I'd ever seen it. Not a bad movie, a little funny. The Esprit plays a pretty good part near the end.

The Rookie

This one I had seen years ago, but didn't remember the Esprit. I don't remember seeing the whole movie, though. The Esprit in the movie has been painted lime green, which Clint Eastwood properly defines as 'criminal'. It almost looks like they could have used the proper lenses on a white car to create the effect. Just my own theory. This action movie will likely appeal more to the male viewer, although the plot is a little predictable. Great stunts, and a lot of great cars.

Crocodile Dundee II

A pre-Stevens bodied Esprit makes a cameo as it sits among the exotic rides in the courtyard of the bad guys place.

If Looks Could Kill

Bit of a cheesy action movie about a less-than-stellar-academic high school senior who goes to France. He goes to complete his foreign language requirement so he can graduate, but gets mistaken for a US spy. He is about to come clean as to his true identity until they give him his car for his assignments - the red Esprit. He decides to take on the role. Couple things that I noted about this movie. First, theres an airbag, which wouldn't be present on an Esprit that was exported to France (right?). Also, there is a control panel mounted in the center console. I cant even fit a pen in the center console, but they fit an entire instrument panel. On this elaborate panel, there is a button which he accidentally hits, which pops all 4 tires. A few minutes later, he is seen changing the last of his 4 full size spares. I would like to order that option, please.

Basic Instinct

The erotic action thriller that also helped make the Esprit more recognizable. They used two Esprit SE's, one was white, one was black. The black one was used in a pretty good chase scene and run off of a bridge in the end. I have no doubts after countless slow-motion replays that they actually did wreck this thing for the footage. No props here. Keen, I think we may have found more insight to your vehicles history. :)

And the famous crash scene where the black one is run off a bridge. I hope they only needed one take.
(These are in sequence)