With 2 Diablos

When I was at the Import show in Carlisle, the owner of these 2 Diablos had them parked against the backdrop while a magazine took photos of them. Once the magazine had taken pictures, he left them parked there while the crowd got a few photos as well. I asked if he'd mind if I parked my car next to them as well and snap off a few more pictures, and he said that I may. The red one had a tan leather interior and the blue one had a cream leather interior.

I should mention that both of these cars are kits. :-) Although, I have never seen kits so exact in my life. Every dimention is taken from an original Diablo. The glass has the same Diablo markings as the original, the air vents are ordered from Lamborginihi to make sure they're authentic. Everything about them is exact. The red one had a Corvette engine, the blue one had a V6. Both had a very deep engine note, though. The best kits I've ever seen.