Escort GT

Not too much to this car. It was a bone stock Escort GT. Red. The windows wouldn't roll up unless you were pulling on them with your hands, and it had a whiny noise to it. It had about 160,000 miles and really faded paint. It did have a nose bra and some louvers on the back which I'd never seen before or since.

My friend was telling me about it on a Friday and said that he was thinking about selling it. I asked him how much, and he said "a few hundred bucks". As if it was magic (or perhaps fate) the secretary came around with paychecks. I opened mine and said "How does $275.60 sound?". He said "Sure." I signed the back, gave it to him, and he came in with a notarized title the next Monday.

I drove it for about a semester and a half, installed a decent stereo with a pretty stealthy install. I installed my CD changer control in the clock housing above the rearview mirror, then left the stock AM/FM radio in the dash. I hooked the CD changer to an amp which powered the front 2 stock speakers and a sub in the trunk under a cover. The AM/FM radio was still hooked in to the rear 2 speakers. So this car had 2 separate stereo systems installed, and you could actually play them both at the same time if you had wanted to. The CD changer sounded fine using the front speakers and the sub which worked well together, and when I wanted to listen to the radio, I just turned off the changer and it didn't bother me to only have sound in the back (I didn't really use the radio much). To anyone looking in from the outside, it just looked like a stock AM/FM radio was in there.

I rounded a corner too fast one day while there was salt on the road and hit the rear tire in to the curb pretty hard. It didn't dent any of the $50 worth of parts between the frame and the wheel, but it did do some $600 worth of damage to the frame. Leave it to the engineers at Ford to come up with that. I sold it to a junk yard for $150.

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