Ahh, the Audi. What a great car. I had bought it to just re-sell and try to make a few dollars off. I ended up driving it for about 5 months, and loved every minute of it. It was a quick and responsive, and very classy ride.

The interior was accented with the mahogany trim that was available that year. The car had all power options. List of options inlude:

  • Five-speed Automatic Transmission
  • Electronic digital climate control - AC
  • Power sunroof with tilt or slide options
  • All power windows
  • Cruise
  • AM/FM/Tape/CD changer - Bose system
  • Radio equipped with RDS which identifies station genre
  • Heated seats
  • Power/heated mirrors
  • Sport alloy wheels
  • All Wheel drive via the Audi Quattro system
  • Brand new tires
  • Factory alarm with remote door unlock



Audi's A4 is sleek, sophisticated, and speedy, and has won praise from the worldwide automotive media. Small but safe, the A4 scored best in its class in the 35-mph offset crash tests performed in Europe, and performed brilliantly in stateside crash testing. For U.S. buyers, this translates into a competent and crashworthy alternative to the BMW 3-Series, Acura TL-Series, and Volvo 850, among others.

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