1994 Lotus Esprit S4

This was the second Lotus Esprit S4 that I owned. I bought it in March of 2001, with the intention of driving it for a short period of time, and selling it for a profit. I had bought it for less than I bought or sold my other one for, and it was in a similar condition with similar mileage. Well, the economy went down, and it became harder to sell. In the end, I ended up selling it to an enthusiastic buyer who really did get a great deal. I hated to see it go at such a loss, but was conforted by the fact that the new buyer was as excited about buying this one, as I was when I bought my first one. I ended up having it for an entire year, selling it in March of 2002. I would have driven it a bit more, but a new job gave me a rough commute, not suitable for this car. So, it remained a weekend driver, which I dont think does any Lotus justice. My red one I drove daily, and I think thats what these cars are designed for.

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All in all, a great car. I don't think I realized how much I would miss it until I saw it driving away. You rarely ever see these cars on the road, and it makes a difference to see one in motion. They look much more beautiful. As I saw it driving away, I realized it wasn't me driving it, and got a little sad. But it freed up time and resources to work on my kit car, which is a postive thing.

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