Im a car guy. Theres no two ways about it. I love everything that has wheels and an engine. Theres not a thing about cars I don't like.

I've kept track of most of the cars and bikes that I've owned, and the ones I remember are all listed here. I used to own about 4 cars at any given time (some were even running). I traveled for about a decade, so I didn't have the space to buy a lot of project cars, so that slowed the car addiction. I've also gotten a bit more conservative in my old age, so I don't have the hot rods and exotics I owned in my 20's.

The vehicles I currently drive:

Cars that I have owned in the past:

Motorcycles I've owned in the past:

And finally, this is a list of awesome (but yet affordable) cars I'd really like to own at some point in my life.

Project/kit cars I would like to try to build someday: