I've had a few strange haircuts throughout my days, and I've been known to give a lot of my friends a hard time who have had the same haircut since they were 7 years old. Thats OK, they give me a hard time as well, for either trying to attract attention, or trying to wear the hairstyle of kids 10 years younger than I. Truth is, I tend to get bored with a look pretty quickly and change it up from time to time. When I was 11, I wanted to get a mohawk. My mom said I wasnt allowed to until I was 18. I think she thought I'd forget she said that 7 years later. I'll let the pics tell the rest.

Early years
OK, this one doesn't really count. I was 4 years old, and my mom still got to decide how I'd wear my hair.

I still didnt have much of a sense of style here, but I started this kick where I wanted to grow it long. That didnt last.

I ended up moving to Michigan, where everyone had these "feathered" haircuts. Check the collar out.

That was a little too plain, so I ended up shaving some MC Hammer-esque lines in to the sides, to spruce it up. From here on, things got interesting.

The mullet comes of age. I have to defend myself by stating that it is clearly obvious this is more hip than the redneck mullet.

I ended up shaving the sides one summer in a half-hearted mohawk attempt.

Finally, the cut grew into what I wanted, the Duran Duran cut. Totally 80's.

For reference: Duran Duran -->

Then I cut the top shorter and grew out the bangs.

Then came the mohawk mom said I could get 7 years earlier. Check out the Taco Bell uniform.

I grew up, went to college, and cut it all off.

Then started to grow it back out. I had this cut on and off for years.

Then I decided I eventually wanted to grow it real long, and this was that awkward in-between stage.

By this time, it had grown to the length I liked it.....

.....but most of the time I wore it up in a ponytail.
I wanted to go real long, but this is as long as it went, no matter what I tried.

I knew the long hair was on its way out, so I decided to something crazy with it while I had the chance. I only ever wore it like this about 3 times - too much hassle.

I cut it back to the "flip" surfer style for a job interview.

I got the job, then cut the hair real short and bleached it.

I let it grow in, and found that I liked the "blonde tips" look better, and ended up just getting the tips re-bleached for about a year.

Then I bleached it again, this time in white, not blonde.

Again, I let it grow to the half/half look.

I finally let it grow out, and tried pathetically to grow a goatee.

For 3 years I wore it mostly conservative while working in my office. Then when I quit work and went to Burningman, I shaved another mohawk.

I had to cut the mohawk off the very next month to appear in a TV show. I had a pathetic half-mohawk-combover. Then I tried growing it long again with the intention of having shoulder-lenght dreadlocks.

And thus is the (not quite yet finished) chronology of a haircut.

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